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The greater the pull the tighter the grip

"The greater the pull the tighter the grip"

Our reusable clips are made from eco-friendly glass reinforced nylon which is incredibly durable and can hold up to 100kg weight.


Easyklip for Hanging Canvas

Easyklip replaces eyelets for hanging canvas!
Easyklip secures swimming pool covers

Easyklip secures swimming pool covers

Our customerJohn recently sent this picture of him using the Easyklip to fix his broken eyelets on his swimming pool cover. With a little ingenuity John even secured the cover to his roller! John said 'unbelievable product, so easy to use and not affected by the pool chemicals". Thanks John for the picture and feed back.

Easyklip in Action

Video shows Easyklip tarp clip lifting 100kg and shows multiple uses as a grommet, eyelet and fixing point on multiple materials.

50th Caravan Camping Holiday Supershow

With over 300 Exhibitors, hundreds of brands and thousands of products on display there is no better place to check out all aspects of the caravan and camping industry.

EASYKLIP in action

Have a look at how strong and versatile our bestseller EASYKLIP is.

EASYKLIP Instructions

Easy 5 point step by step instructions to use our bestseller EASYKLIP 

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